So what went wrong?Well it wasnít for lack of interest or enthusiasm on my part, I had a great deal to write about.The greatest issue was my quest for the knowledge of the single greatest reason for the downfall of humanity on the planet.I finally found it after searching for over 30 years and published my findings. I hoped it would catch on and go viral.What a fool I was to think the general population would care or even knew how to read for that matter, surely theyíre all off playing games, streaming movies or porn.What a fool I was.


I worked to help people improve their health through understanding all the forces out there trying to kill them.I wrote about spirituality and how to ditch that debilitating mind poison known as Christianity.People are comfortable in their delusional world, they donít want to think or take control of their lives, why should they, Jesus will look after all their needs.


Then there were the hackers that went to work on Word Press over the last 2 Ĺ years.That alone caused the biggest problem as I could no longer spend my time writing but had to spend most of my time fighting them.At the apex of the hacking I logged over 9000 hack attempts in a 24 hour period.Then it became necessary to add on hundreds of dollars of security software and features to thwart their attacks.


Finally Google black listed my site and I couldnít get my site indexed by them, they obviously didnít like what I was writing as some of it even attacked their wayward practices.My SEO rating was near 100% with two leading SEO checking services.


The Government, Corporate America and the Christians wonít tolerate truth PERIOD!


I have searched through all options for people to disseminate information on the web and found there are no options for people anymore.The monsters that control our world have slammed all the doors shut on the web.Options like social websites like face book and wordpress.com are worthless as they aspire to control their userís content and make sure they are reported to the goons for any perceived transgression.


GoDaddy is one of the worst hosting providers on the web as is Hostgator so please take the time to look at several reviews on the web before falling prey to GoDaddy. The internet is so full of predatory corporate snakes and hackers I am forced to give up to preserve what little sanity and money I have left. Please do your homework before getting caught in their web. I have been publishing on the web since the early 1990's and before the web on dialup BBS's since 1984. I've been around but never have seen the deceit, theft lack of proficiency as I see now. 


We in this once great country America are nowFUCKED.